Saturday, March 17, 2018

Petition: Fight Loony California and Their Lawless Sanctuary State

Arthur Christopher, the “loony Left” in California has gone way too far.
Ultra-liberal Governor Jerry Brown has turned the whole state – one of the largest in America – into one huge “sanctuary” that protects illegal immigrants who come here to commit crimes.
And in Oakland, the radical left-wing mayor tipped off illegal immigrants living there, alerting them of an impending immigration raid and warning them not to open their doors.
This is CRAZY.
Laws in the United States of America are supposed to protect the law-abiding CITIZENS of the United States of America. President Trump agrees! And he wants to crack down on lawless “sanctuary cities,” but he needs your help to pressure Congress! Help us push back against loony (and dangerous) California liberalism with your urgent gift of $15, $30, or $50.
After eight years of “Open Borders Obama” in office, the sad fact is there are criminals within the border of our country, committing their violent deeds with no fear of deportation thanks to “sanctuary” policies embraced by radical liberalsPlease help us end the madness and crack down on “Sanctuary Cities!”
In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

Letter to the Editor: The President Has Waited Too Long

Hello, my name is Jeff Beck (although not “the” Jeff Beck) and I live in San Dimas, CA. I just read your article demanding that President Donald Trump and AG Sessions do their jobs where it comes to illegal immigration, especially in California. I was wondering if there is a petition or some other specific way in which I can add my voice to this call? I’m wondering if these men don’t realize that this is THE issue that put them where they currently are? 

Doesn’t the President realize that he’s already waited too long and we are starting to get really, really upset about it? These foreign and hostile invaders are overrunning our borders with the help of internal traitors and we are being slaughtered! I am not fully plugged in as it were, and ignorant as to the mechanisms available to me toward doing something. If you don’t have the time to respond, I fully understand and will simply continue looking on my own. Thank you for supplying your contact information on, and also thank you for the thoughtful and infuriating (in a good way) articles. God bless.

Jeff Beck

Wisdom: Chris McDaniel Drops Primary Bid, Runs for Open Seat Following Cochran Resignation

The day that President Trump urged Danny Tarkanian to abandon his primary bid against US Senator Dean Heller, I then tweeted to Chris McDaniel of Mississippi that he needed to give up his fight against Roger Wicker and run for Cochran's soon-to-be vacated US Senate seat.

He finally announced that that is precisely what he plans to do. I hope that Governor Phil Bryant will comply with the will of the grassroots and tea party efforts of Mississippi voters and just appointed McDaniel to the seat and let him compete to keep the seat in November.

I have to admit that McDaniel's embittered attacks against Roger Wicker were simply unjustified. Frankly, there is very little in Wicker's record to suggest that he is some kind of gutless liberal.

It's simply not there. It is best to have fewer primary challengers and get more Republicans elected to the US Senate this year. The fight has only gotten fiercer, and the last thing that we need is more infighting that will not help the long-term cause.

Besides, it looked to me that the consulting and campaign firms behind McDaniel's efforts were all-too reminiscent of Judge Roy Moore's efforts

Check out McDaniel's wise and welcome announcement, and let's all wish him the best for his fight for the US Senate:


Last week Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran announced he’s retiring from the U.S. Senate on April 1 -- creating an open seat for U.S. Senate.  

Arthur, this is the exact same seat I ran for in 2014 where I received the most votes -- 49.5% -- during the first round of primary voting, triggering a heated run-off against McConnell-backed Thad Cochran.

As you may remember, during the run-off, Mitch McConnell and the GOP elites smeared, attacked and dragged me through the mud in a desperate attempt to protect establishment darling Thad Cochran -- even promising to expand the welfare state in exchange for Democrat votes.

Unfortunately, the establishment’s multi-million-dollar attack ads and underhanded tactics were too much for conservatives to overcome.

And on election night, thanks to 40,000 Democrats showing up to vote in a GOP primary, Cochran and the establishment came out on top by a mere 6,000 votes.
But Arthur, I put the establishment on notice that this fight wasn’t over.
And I meant it. 
That’s why, after much thought, discussion and prayer, I’ve declared myself a candidate for U.S. Senate in the open seat being vacated by Thad Cochran on April 1.
It's the seat we rightfully won in 2014!
Of course, it’s no secret that the Mississippi Republican establishment has been coordinating with Mitch McConnell to do everything in their power to keep me from getting elected to the United States Senate. 
In fact, rumors are circulating that Mitch McConnell and powerful establishment forces are scrambling to find a hand-picked crony to appoint to Thad Cochran’s seat until the November 6 Special Election.
And according to one news report, sources inside the Governor’s office said they’re working hard to appoint a “Republican who can beat McDaniel” and stop conservatives in the November 6 special election.
That’s why the upcoming March 31 End of Quarter deadline is so important – and why I’m asking for your immediate financial support.
You see, at midnight on March 31, each campaign must file a report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) showing contributions and expenditures to date.  
A few days later those reports are made publicly available on the FEC’s website. 
And Arthur, McConnell and his gaggle of establishment cronies are planning to dig through my report, hoping to find signs of weakness they can use to parrot the lie that conservatives have given up the fight and surrendered.
I need your immediate help to shock and disappoint the RINOS in the worst possible way.
Arthur, all eyes are on my campaign.
And not just in Mississippi. 
This race is about much more than Mississippi.  
OUR CAMPAIGN IS THE FRONTLINE of the war taking place between grassroots conservatives and Mitch McConnell’s GOP elite.
And if I turn in a strong report on March 31, it’ll send shivers down the spine of McConnell and his cronies and embolden conservatives across the country to stand up and fight to take our country back.
But Arthur, the strength of my report depends on the help and support of patriots like you.
I know it's a lot. 
But the March 31 End of Quarter FEC deadline is the first -- and most important -- fundraising deadline of our campaign.
I need you in my corner.
So please, Arthur, give as much as you can!
Thank you in advance for your support.

Chris McDaniel

Corrupt, Liberal Media Hits Unemployment Line in 2018 (Bitchez!)

The winning never ends for conservatives who are fed up with our rights, points of view, and the general media perception being so mercilessly shamed and exploited.

Check out what John Nolte shared in his latest column:

By the time President Trump’s presidency is over, one of the biggest pieces of fake news we will look back on is when we were told by the media that Trump was good for the media business. According to what is happening in a place called the real world, the truth is that business for the media is horrible.

This is really something. CNN had followed the corrupt anti-Trump model for clickbait and ongoing visits and video views. Now the general public is bored with the excessive interest in President Trump's prior private life. People are tuning out and turning to other news sources.

We will start with the Denver Postwhich announced Thursday that, between April 9 and July 1, 30 jobs will be cut from its newsroom. That is a massive 30 percent cut of its current staff of 100 journalists.  Just 10 years ago according to the far-left Washington Post, the Denver Post employed 600 journalists. That is close to a 90 percent reduction in only a decade.

You have to see this photo to enjoy the schadenfreude!
Notice the cursing, the swearing, the outrage, the overwhelming hatred.


Just a few hours later we learned that another wave of surprise layoffs hit the Chicago Tribune. Fourteen newsroom staffers were let go in that publication’s second round of layoffs in less than six months. Back in October more than a dozen were let go. Roger Federer reports that “Further cuts are expected as the newspaper prepares to leave Tribune Tower for smaller space at Prudential Plaza.”

Ha Ha! A similar move to smaller headquarters has taken place in my home city of Torrance, CA, as the original Daily Breeze headquarters had to sell their iconic blue building along Torrance and Palos Verdes Drive and move into some available office space off of Torrance and Hawthorne Blvd.

Last month, the San Jose Mercury News was hit with another round of terminations, as many as 27 staffers were either laid off or bought out.

Ouch! Notice how the liberal press is getting pressed the most in uber-liberal California. They deserve it for all the years of covering for an enabling liberal, progressive, and outright left-wing politicians pushing their self-enriching agenda at the expense of everyone else. They wanted to push a progressive paradise? Now it's turn into a dystopia of tarnished legacies and unemployment.

In late January, the East Bay Times wiped out a quarter of its editorial staff through layoffs and buy outs — a total of 28 staffers.

The funny thing about this move is that editorials are the only way that writers get any kind of funding and viewer traffic. No one else is going to read anything but sensationalized pablum.

We also learned in January that a total of five publications owned by Southern California News Group will face “significant layoffs,” including the OC Register and Los Angeles Daily News.
On our cable dials, while Fox News and MSNBC are open about their respective biases and thrive, the far-left CNN is not only collapsing in the ratings but dealing with some massive layoffs of its own. Over the past few years, CNN, which continues its ludicrous pose as an objective news organization,  has been in a credibility death spiral, and that is finally starting to take a real toll on the anti-Trump cable channel.

This is the best news yet. I can't want to see CNN become DOA.

None of this should be surprising.  Americans are losing faith in the media, and for good reason. The belligerent biases, the unrelenting fake news. As an example, just look at the past 18 hours. Both ProPublica and the New York Times have been caught spreading fake news about Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick to run the CIA, and the Washington media falsely reported that Trump had fired his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster.

For the record, I am more than happy to see McMaster get the blaster. He refuses to call Islam what it is, and that is wrong.

Alternately, this same media missed completely the biggest political story of the last 60 days — Trump replacing his secretary of state with his CIA director and choosing a woman to lead the spy agency, a historic first.

The press simply cannot stand the facts of the Trump Administration. The President has nominated, appointed, and promoted a number of women in his cabinet. However, the corrupt, anti-Trump ene-media are more interested in pushing a narrative of sexual harassment and abuse, particularly over the inconsequential and dubious reports about Trump's dalliances with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Our media is shockingly useless, constantly playing catch up with actual news while obsessing over rumor and innuendo.

The lies, damned lied, and blatant distortions of the press are coming home to roost. Their diligent, unrelenting bias has hurt their brand and their consumer base. Jerry Zucker is losing subscribers and interest by the day, and layoffs are following. I was in Arizona taking a break at the local McDonald's, and the restaurant was blaring CNN's non-stop coverage of the Pennsylvanian special election and the porn star's specious stories. It's sad.

Consider the fact that the media that protected Bill Clinton — a man who as president committed perjury to cover up his sexual affair with a young intern, an affair conducted just a few rooms away from his wife and daughter in the  Oval Office — is now obsessed over a porn star’s story that she might have had a consensual affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

One decade ago, and total obsession to boot. What a waste of media space. It's pretty sad to see how bitter and useless CNN--The Clinton News Network--has become. No one wants to watch them anymore as their Nielsen ratings continue to plummet.

But there's more:

When women credibly accused Clinton of rape, groping, and harassment, our media joined the White House in destroying them as liars. But this same media hoping to turn a 12-year-old consensual relationship into a national scandal.

Americans are tired of the media lying to them, misleading them, lecturing them… Today, there are plenty of alternative sources of news. No one needs to put up with what is called the MSM anymore.

What a wonderful day in the Republic!

Which reminds me…

To protect Barack Obama’s anemic economic “recovery,” our media tried to convince us that unemployment  in the Obama era, was really “funemployment.” When the working class, those our elitist media despise, lose their jobs to illegal immigrants, unfair trade deals, and oppressive and unnecessary environmental regulations, the media have dismissively suggested that they all catch up with the times and learn computer code.

Not only that, but the liberal, elitist--and racist--political and media class told the working poor and middle-income unemployed to spend time pursuing other hobbies and interests because they did not have a job. What fun, right?

Wrong, and now they arrogant media elites and their reporting enablers can go through the same tumults which they had forced on the working communities in our country.

So let me be the first to wish all of these “journalists” a Happy Funemployment and wish them luck all the luck in the world with their new careers as computer coders.

Final Reflection

Such turnabout is fair play for the liberal press. They wanted to push a faulty, false narrative with their progressive, leftist agenda. No one wants to read the press' libera, regressive atenda.

Now they are going out of business.

As John Nolte would say: "Enjoy the funemployment, Bitchez!"

Mike Pompeo Faces a Filibuster Threat from Rand? So What!

Mike Pompeo will be an excellent Secretary of State.

Despite his efforts cut the bloat, crap, and waste which had been overwhelming the State Department, Tillerson seemed more accomodationist than anything else. Some critics pointed out his globalist take on foreign policy. There were frequent disagreements on the issues. One source had declared that Tillerson called Trump "a

Pro-family groups like Texas MassResistance were also telling me that he caved to the LGBT hate machine when he was part of the Boy Scouts Board of Directors. President Trump indicated that he was trying to save the Iran deal, too. That is wrong.

Jeff Boss for Forbes Magazine offered another stunning reason for Tillerson's ouster:

Tillerson and Trump didn’t see eye to eye. ... They were skilled, they were competent, but their attitudes didn’t fit into the larger team culture. Why? Because they showed up with their previously held identities—they were used to being the big fish in the pond and they refused to let go.

Tillerson was not a team player, but a "me player". He was not focused on President Trump's agenda and decision-making process. He was interested in more in himself than in the mission of Trump's State Department. Trump reaffirmed this ongoing conflict again:

In truth, few tears were shed in Washington over Tillerson’s dismissal. Talking to reporters, President Trump said that he and his secretary of state “disagreed on too many issues to work well together.”

Now we go to Mike Pompeo, a conservative and American nationalist who is more committed to the pro-life, pro-family agenda of President Trump.

Here's why:

“What I liked about candidate Trump was his strong condemnation of the Iraq War. I believe President Trump has done a great job, and I continue to support him, but I cannot endorse his nomination of people who loved the Iraq War so much that they want an Iran War next. Director Pompeo has not learned the lessons of regime change and wants regime change in Iran.

“I can’t support people who never understood America First and want to manipulate the President into the sphere of the neocons who never met a war they didn’t want to star in. 

Where is the basis for Pompeo's argument for war in Iran? There is nothing in Pompeo's correspondence or foreign policy record as the CIA Director or as a Congressman before that. Pompeo is most committed to ending the destructive, deceptive Iran deal above all. The previous Secretary of State was not committed to the President's vision on this issue.

I think that Pompeo is perfect for the job.

So, if Rand Paul won't support Pompeo, does that scuttle the confirmation?

Not at all. Joe Manchin more than likely will replace Paul's vote. Other Red State Democrats looking to boost their bipartisan credentials and win election will go along with the vote, too. Chances are, if John McCain does return to the United States, he would vote for Pompeo, too. Worst case scenario, Mike Pence will step in again and confirm the nomination.

This confirmation will face no hold-ups, and Dr. Paul won't be able to stop it. I wouldn't be surprised if even Dianne Feinstein gets behind Pompeo's confirmation, despite the fact that she faces a rough primary fight, too.

Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reforms, and Ongoing Burdens to the States


I am glad to hear that regulatory reform and rescission of costly banking burdens are getting some rollback.

Dodd-Frank reform legislation passed earlier this week.

What did the Heritage Foundation have to say about it, though?

There is good in the latest reform:
  • Limited regulatory off-ramp for some banks with less than $10 billion in total assets. This provision, known as a community bank leverage ratio, would exempt certain small banks from the risk-weighted capital requirements first imposed in the 1980s.
  • Safe harbor for ability to repay rules. Under Dodd-Frank, only mortgages that meet a certain set of requirements (qualified mortgages) automatically meet the ability to repay standard (have a safe harbor). The Senate bill provides a qualified mortgage safe harbor for banks with less than $10 billion in total assets that hold mortgages on their books rather than sell them into the secondary market (where they are packaged into mortgage-backed securities by companies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).
  • Stress testing relief. The Senate bill would decrease the number of scenarios—from three to two—that must be included in both Fed-conducted and company-conducted stress tests, and also changes the frequency for company-run tests, from “annual” to “periodic.”
  • Volcker Rule relief. The Volcker rule ostensibly prohibits banks from what is called “proprietary trading”—trading for their own accounts rather than on behalf of clients. 2155 provides an exemption from this rule for banks with assets less than $10 billion and with total trading assets and liabilities not exceeding more than 5 percent of their total assets.
  • Higher SIFI threshold. Under Dodd-Frank, banks with $50 billion or more in assets are subjected to enhanced supervision and regulatory standards on the theory that their failure would cause widespread economic harm. These banks are commonly referred to as systemically important financial institutions, or SIFIs. Section 401 of the Senate bill would raise that threshold to $250 billion, but with several major caveats.

The reforms proferred and the rollbacks enacted are OK.

But there is much to be desired.

The legislation does not get rid of the misnamed Consumer Financial Protections Bureau, for starters. How about allowing more free enterprise and competition to challenge and undo the bad banking practices? FDIC regulations are making it all too easy for banks to overleverage their assets, too.

Banking is a risky business for consumers largely because of fractional reserve banking. These institutions ultimately create money when they lend out funding for other projects, yet the actual cash stock is not in the bank to begin with. How can Congress regulate this problem?

What are the consequences for doing so?

Can Congress achieve lasting reforms on more pertinent issues, too, like immigration and national security? What about the national debt and the entitlement strains which are dead-set to bankrupt this country?

Broken: I-Heart Radio Goes Bankrupt


The media industry is in growing freefall. Not sure what to think of this, for better or for worse. Will there ever be a proper funding stream for reporting the news ever again?

The latest radio hosting company goes bankrupt.

I-Heart radio has a pretty strong following in California. Carl DeMaio has a radio program through this larger conglomerate, for example.

Is there any hope for radio going into the future?

IHeartMedia Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday as the largest U.S. radio station owner reached an in-principle agreement with creditors to restructure its overwhelming debt load.

How do these companies take on so much debt? It's incredible!

The company, which filed for bankruptcy along with some of its units, said it reached the agreement with holders of more than $10 billion of its outstanding debt for a balance sheet restructuring, which would reduce its debt by more than $10 billion.

IHeartMedia, which has struggled with $20 billion of debt and falling revenue at its 858 radio stations, said cash on hand and cash generated from ongoing operations will be sufficient to fund the business during the bankruptcy process.

With 858 radio stations, one would think that this industry leader would have generated enough capital to remain competitive. This turn of events shows how devastation the upheaval has become for mainstream radio and news media.

"The agreement ... is a significant accomplishment, as it allows us to definitively address the more than $20 billion in debt that has burdened our capital structure," Chief Executive Bob Pittman said.

$20 billion in debt. That's a massive number I can barely wrap my head around. Then we need to talk about the massive debt above and beyond that number eating up our national coffers. $21 trillion, people. It's not good.

I can't wait for our political class to take the national debt seriously, too, in similar fashion. This is getting beyond ridiculous. President Trump, build that wall along our Southern Border, then tear down the wall of debt surrounding our nation's finances.

The filing comes after John Malone's Liberty Media proposed on Feb. 26 a deal to buy a 40 percent stake in a restructured iHeartMedia for $1.16 billion, uniting the company with Liberty's Sirius XM Holdings satellite radio service.

Will the satellite radio service better compete? Perhaps, since subscribers have to purchase the service at the outset. Broadcast radio, press, and television will struggle to bring in revenue, since people can listen and read the content without paying for it.

Clear Channel Outdoor, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia and one of the world's largest billboard companies, and its units did not commence Chapter 11 proceedings.

This part just popped out at me. Now billboards are struggling to compete and make ends meet? Wow!

IHeartMedia skipped a $106 million interest payment on Feb. 1, triggering a 30-day grace period during which the company has tried to hammer out a deal with it bondholders.

The company disclosed on Monday it was still exchanging proposals with its creditors, but had yet to reach an agreement.


Its most recent proposal would have given holders of secured loans, who are owed nearly $13 billion, about $5.6 billion in new debt and 94 percent of the equity in a reorganized iHeartMedia. These creditors also would have received iHeartMedia's 89.5 percent stake in Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings.

Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners control 68 percent of the voting stock of iHeartMedia, according to the company's most recent annual report.

Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's operation, has jumped into this bankruptcy foray. How about that?! Granted, radio media tends to be conservative, so let me step into the general decline of the press from this point forward.

There is something vindicating about the decline of mainstream liberal media, to say the least. Who doesn't like seeing the left-wing propaganda machines getting dismantled piece by piece right before our very eyes? I may not like Romney, but I would celebrate with him as his company makes money off the misfortune of the corrupt press which maligned him and his family.

The private equity firms led a $17.9 billion leveraged buyout of what was then Clear Channel Communications Inc in 2008, just as the buyout boom was fading and as the signs of the financial crisis began to emerge.

Shares of iHeartMedia lost three-quarters of their value in the second half of 2015 and have never recovered since then. On Monday, the pink sheet stock closed at 48 cents.


IHeartMedia traces its roots to the 1972 purchase of KEEZ-FM in San Antonio, Texas, where it is currently headquartered. It also produces syndicated radio programs that feature "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest and political personalities Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Now we have a problem. Will the conservative radio hosts be able to stay in business, too? I believe that as long as influential radio hosts are willing to report the truth instead of left-wing spin, all will be well for the conservative movement and center-right reporting in general. The left-wing bias of the print media embraced a narrative of how the world should work, along with printing innuendo and editorialization rather than reporting what is going on and why.

That's a larger part of the reason why they are in freefall. It's too bad that this is happening to conservative radio at this time. Then again, such is creative destruction, isn't it?

The company had 14,300 employees at the end of 2016, according to its most recent annual report.

Final Reflection

No matter how the election turns out this November, conservatives should feel a sense of hope and peace knowing that the corrupt liberal media is taking a dive like never before. Radio hosts will need to find another way to expand their brand and make a living. They may have to embrace a funding model like Netflix and Satellite radio, in which users pay a fee per month for certain channels, then pay a large free in order to get access to more broadcasting.

I will add that I-Heart radio hosted radio host greats like KFI and John and Ken. We don't want to lose strong and open voices in the media. New inventions and innovations are coming into play and will provide a better service soon enough.