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Virginians, Don't Turn into California: Vote for Ed Gillespie for Governor

Virginia, the Mother of Presidents, the Tidewater Miracle which helped birth a nation conceived in liberty, could be turning into another third-world hell-hole. The state went blue in 2008 because of disgust with George W. Bush. Then this red state went Democratic for two more election cycles, especially when other blue states, which had flipped for Obama, then flipped back to Trump—that’s bad news for Virginia and the country.

I have written about my experience in the Old Dominion last month. Recognizing that an intense race for Governor is taking place right now, I feel compelled to speak out on the upcoming governor’s election, not just on behalf of Virginians, but with a clear vision of awakening voters all over the country about the dangers of illegal immigration. This crucial plank in the regressive Left’s destructive agenda can still transform the country and destroy everything we care about.

Its effects are already apparent in Virginia. The traffic is terrible. I can’t believe how many freeways wanted me to pay tolls. Before arriving at my hotel, I witnessed at least four car accidents along the way. Virginians, you do not want Los Angeles style traffic. You are not prepared for it, and more immigration, legal or illegal, will clog up your highways and byways like never before.

Everywhere I went in Fairfax County last month, I found service employees who barely spoke English. Even in Los Angeles I don’t run into so many resident foreigners. Then the Virginians themselves told me what was happening. One man—a health care professional—told me he was moving to North Carolina by next year. Why? Illegal aliens. The housing costs are skyrocketing, illegals are crowding into condos throughout the county area, and the crime rates with it!

I shake my head writing this—How can this happen in Virginia! These problems have bubbled over in California for the last ten years, even though California has been turning blue over the last 30 years, but what’s happening in Virginia is clear evidence that the Democratic Party has worked overtime to replicate the California model.

Fairfax County is ground zero for what the entire state of Virginia could turn into, and what much of California has already become. MS-13 gangs have taken over the local schools. One parent told me during my visit how quickly the entire region has changed. Kids are getting kidnapped and killed in Virginia suburbs! Virginia is transforming into South Los Angeles.

The Democratic Party in Virginia is not committed to public safety, but committed to expanding their power base, and they are following the California model to implement their plan. They are welcoming in illegal aliens and refugees (predominantly unvetted). They want to allow felons to vote, and the outgoing governor Terry McAuliffe pushed this proposal through by unconstitutional executive order.

They are pushing regressive leftism at the expense of the taxpaying residents, and all of this comes as a result of illegal immigration. Illegals are lining up near gas stations and liquor stores looking for work. A massive migration is pushing out solid, hard-working Virginians. What is the most alarming about all of this, however, is how rapidly the changes have overwhelmed the state. Immigration is such a flash point, that a little-known economic professor defeated the House Majority leader in a stunning upset during the primary in 2014!

Immigration is the one issue which statewide candidates in Virginia—and across the country—need to talk about. And there may be the clinching point for Gillespie to secure the win.

Now let’s look at the two candidates running for governor.

Ed Gillespie ran for US Senate in 2014, and nearly defeated US Senator Mark Warner, whom everyone had deemed invincible.  Warner was double digits ahead, yet triumphed by less than one percent election night. Today, Gillespie is running only single digits behind Ralph Northam, the current Lieutenant Governor who lists himself as a veteran and pediatrician. Watching Northam’s saccharine commercials makes me sick. This man claims to care about the quality of life for Virginia’s children, but he cast the deciding vote against a statewide ban on sanctuary cities.

Now, does Gillespie have flaws? Sure. While he  has connectionsto the grassroots Republican base, he also has major connections to the GOP Establishment.  He was the RNC Chairman. He’s also made millions in lobbying firms. Seeming to avoid controversy early on, Gillespie stressed economic issues up to the June primary, but began pivoting to culture war concerns during the general election. Those issues are resonating with the public. Unlike some Republicans, he has learned his lesson, paying attention to the concerns of his conservative base, not just the beltway.

Gillespie has gone as far as affirming that he will protect the Confederate historical statues. That subject has been a winning issue. His real strength lies in that he has exposed at length the detrimental pro-illegal agenda proffered by his opponent. My advice to Gillespie: Don’t let the polls fool you. The media has been skewing data for the last five years, in desperate collusion with the corrupt, left-leaning globalist Democratic Party. Keep plugging away on the major issues. Keeping hitting hard on illegal immigration. Push hard on the public safety question, and make it a priority to ban all sanctuary jurisdictions in the Commonwealth.

I cannot stress this enough to the Commonwealth voters: Don’t let the Democrats take power in Alexandria. Your outgoing governor, Terry McAuliffe, has been a southern, more soft-spoken version of California’s own Jerry Brown, with voting rights granted to felons along with handouts to illegals. Another Democrat (with a like-minded legislature) will allow illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses, or even grant illegal alien youth in-state tuition and perhaps permit sanctuary cities. These lawless policies have ruined California, destroying the quality of life in our once Golden State.  Virginia cannot weather another four years of Democratic leadership.

Virginians, don’t allow your state to turn into California! Make Virginia Great Again: Vote for Ed Gillespie for Governor! Sticks to Its Guns, Demands Cash-Strapped DNC Divest from Major Donors

The Democratic Party is struggling to raise money as it is.

Now their most embittered partisans are demanding that DNC accept even less money.

They are sticking to their guns--pun intended--in that they demand that the Democratic Party not accept any money from gun manufacturers and other "dangerous" businesses. refuses to let any crisis go to waste, as expected!

Our daughter was slaughtered in the Aurora theater massacre
Dear MoveOn member,
I'm Sandy Phillips. My daughter Jessi was slaughtered in the Aurora, CO, movie theater massacre in 2012. I believe that the gun lobby and other corporate interests have far too much influence in American politics. That's why my husband Lonnie and I are supporting a proposed resolution to be taken up by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that will take a step toward fixing this broken system. Please sign our petition telling the DNC to reject money from the gun, tobacco, and payday loan industries.

The Democratic National Committee is set to convene this week in Las Vegas, NV—just weeks after one of the most deadly mass shootings in modern American history took place there. I am asking the DNC to reject all contributions from those who profit from guns, tobacco, predatory payday loans, and other nefarious industries!

The Democrats say that they support meaningful government action to stop gun violence, but they're being pushed around by Republicans and the industries that line their pockets. And the result is that our political system can't make progress on gun violence because lobbyists and big money interests have more influence than millions of American constituents.

Thoughts and prayers are appreciated, but we also need real action—the DNC must reject donations from reprehensible corporate interests such as the gun, tobacco, and payday loan industries.

We lost our daughter, and our heart breaks every time someone with a gun unleashes carnage on innocent Americans. But we will continue to speak up; we will not go away.

Please sign the petition and share.
Thank you.
-Sandy Phillips
Final Reflection

Progressives have grown completely out of control within the Democratic Party.

They want to take money out of politics, yet at the same time there is no way to get into politics without money.

The Democratic National Committee is already struggling as it is to raise money. In quarter after quarter, the Republican National Committee has been romping their liberal, regressive counterparts without ceasing. President Trump's pro-American populist, conservative agenda is making the hearts of America burn, and even conservatives in blue states are getting out there and fighting to make their states great again.

The Democratic Party is all wrong on guns, on the Second Amendment, and the innate necessity of individuals to protect themselves from a destructive world filled with fallen, evil men. Every tenet of this Big Government statism cannot rise up against these hard-core, harsh realities.

The unprecedented attacks, slaughter, and deaths on American innocents have not jaded American support for firearms and self-defense. Even liberal-leaning Millennials support the Second Amendment without equivocation.

Going after the tobacco companies? Really? Since when have we seen any major discussion on smoking and its negative affects in the media or our local cultures. Smoking has been reduced to an aberrant deviance, and even then other forms of smoking have risen to help break free of the destructive nicotine addiction.

No matter how the DNC tries to spin the progressive rant demanding an end to big money in politics, the Democratic Party is facing its pre-eminent demise, and there is very little that seems capable within the party to stop it.

Another Obama Legacy Taken Down: Bowe Bergdahl Goes to Prison

Obama played this guy up as a hero, as an example of Obama's prowess at rescuing our own military personnel.

But this guy walked off on his fellow soldiers in 2009. He did not deserve to be treated like some kind of hero.

He was a traitor to our country, just like the previous President.

So glad this guy is going to prison.

I can't believe how quickly President Trump is wiping out the corrupt, degrading legacy of Barack Obama.

Let's talk about how this Bergdahl guy ended up in the media eye:

The release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl this weekend was greeted at first by elation. But among some, the positive feelings have given way to more mixed emotions as some of the worrying implications of his release become clear.

One big concern is that the U.S. will be releasing five Taliban commanders in exchange for Bergdahl. So who are these men? And what might they do  when released?

When the five Taliban commanders were detained by the United States, the American war here had only just begun. Though most of them held high-profile positions in the Taliban regime, they had little experience in the protracted insurgency that followed the American invasion. The Taliban to which they will return looks much different from the one they were torn from.

Then we find later on that this Bergdahl guy was a deserter--in essence, a criminal in his own right, or rather wrongdoing.

Here was one statement regarding the underlying concerns about this hostage trade. From Newsweek:

While Bergdahl himself remains a controversial figure—some critics contend he was a deserter—that is irrelevant to the issues at hand. The United States will not grant the enemy the right to seize and imprison its soldiers on suspicion, and punishment for improper acts—if any—are the responsibility of the American military.

There is no question, though, that the five people released from Guantanamo in exchange for Bergdahl—Mohammed Fazl, Mohammed Nabi, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Norullah Nori, and Khairullah Khairkhwa—are bad guys. First though: None have been identified as Al-Qaeda members. Rather, in what some may see as hairsplitting, they were part of the Taliban. This is an important distinction based on the analysis in the first section of this piece.

This report is particularly compelling. The critics were right about Bergdahl, and once again President Obama showed what an obtuse fool and anti-American ass he really was.

The Associated Press reported last week that Bergdahl, 31, was expected to enter a guilty plea in his case but that was not confirmed by Bergdahl’s legal defense team.

His court martial will now be held a week ahead of the previously scheduled start date of Oct. 23, according to the statement.

Bergdahl faced charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy after his release in May 2014 from almost five years in captivity by the Taliban.

An Army investigation after his release found that in June 2009, Bergdahl had allegedly walked away from his unit's remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan. He was quickly captured by the Taliban, who held him captive for nearly five years.

Justice served.

Final Reflection

How long did this nonsense dominate the news cycle in 2016?

Obama wanted to push this crap to beef up his own legacy and help Crooked Hillary.

Thank God that the Bergdahl effort flamed out.

I am so happy to see Obama's perverse, self-interested politicking falling away all the more.

God Bless Donald Trump!

Stop California Prop 14 Top 2 Primary: October 2017 Newsletter

Volume 1 | October 2017


When only the Top Two vote-getters go on to the general election, it deprives all other Parties of the opportunity to have their top vote-getter on the general election ballot. This is not representative government. 

Repeal the Top Two so the voters, not the government choose among all candidates.
The Initiative Measure to Repeal the Top Two Candidates Open Primary Law is nearing the end of the mandatory 65-day review period by the Attorney General. The AG will prepare a Unique Numeric Identifier, a Circulating Title, and a Summary of the Initiative which will be incorporated into the Petition format for circulation. Look for petitions to become available at the end of October - early November..
We the People have an opportunity to get rid of the Top Two in 2018, but the work must be done NOW! Support the Foundation to Stop Top 2 TODAY by volunteering and donating funds. Go online at: and learn what you can do to repeal a bad law – the Top Two Candidates Open Primary Law.

Tom Palzer

Tom Palzer Speaking 9/14/2017
TPalzer 17 09 14 W
Be a part of a historic time in California.

Stop Top County and Assistant County Coordinators and Task Volunteers are needed. Be a part of this historic repeal of the Top Two law.

Get on board Today!

Letter to the Editor: "God Bless Our Arthur"

This was a great letter I received in my Facebook Feed.

Some of the words and letters will look bad or odd, but I choose to leave it as is for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you again, all of you who have been so helpful and supportive!--Arthur


I'm purposefully NOT commenting on your Posts or live Feed's as I know Dangerous people & idiot's I see close to you in video's slander my name & Dox.

I'm even certain messages here are not private. Just know I'm paying close attention to your info while I too am doing "work" on Topics being covered up within SFV LA & sending you Safety Prayers daily. I'm just trying to stay low profile as even some close to you I will never trust again. I do trust & respect the bravery & years worth of knowledge which has been a great education for me & I'm sure many other's.

I've gone to Bat for you & some I won't name but I try to do that direct & away from social media & Text since people close to you can not be trusted making it a tad difficult to prove these are not true friends of yours. I pray this handful steps away so the larger local Community starts to come back out to be by your side in support. You are doing a great job in educating local S California & I hope all of our hard work pays off for 2018.

God Bless our Arthur to guide you & keep you physically & Mentally safe each day/night from this day forward. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ✡️πŸ™✝️πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸŒΈπŸ€πŸŒ»

Who is the Harvey Weinstein of the California State Assembly? Who Indeed

Joseph Turner of American Children First has announced that a serial predator will be exposed in Sacramento.

I know who it is, and I have heard about some of the heinous perversions he has done--OK, I gave a slight hint as to who it is.

Here's the rest of the announcement.

Stay tuned:

It's Time to Focus on the Predators in Sacramento

Tomorrow, we are going to report on very disturbing allegations we have heard regarding the conduct of one specific member of the California legislature.

As part of "Operation Vice Corral," we are going to identify this member and request a criminal investigation.

You can read our most recent blog post here.

We will make the announcement at 10:00 AM. Stay tuned.

We need more resources to kick the ass of our open borders anti-American opposition.

If you feel that I have earned your support and believe that I am capable of providing huge returns on your investment into this cause I would kindly ask you to make a donation today.

You can make a donation online via credit card at this link. You can also contribute to our GoFundMe account if you prefer. Or you can simply mail us a check payable to "American Children First."

Please note that GoFundMe is our least preferred option since they take an 8% cut in fees.

Until next time,

Joseph Turner
Founder, American Children First

San Diego Sheriff Opposes SB 54: Here's Why

Starting Jan. 1, dangerous criminal aliens including DUI, domestic violence, theft, and drug possession, as well as repeat offender misdemeanors, will be released from California jails, and police and sheriffs will not be allowed to call ICE to come get them.  They will walk free right back into our communities.

We are still awaiting promised lawsuits and action by the DOJ to halt this new dangerous state sanctuary law before it goes into effect in less than 2 ½ months.  If this illegal and unconstitutional law is not overturned by Dec. 31st, even more innocent American citizens in California will die at the hands of illegal aliens and foreign criminals who will feel even more emboldened to break more of our laws.

……While the measure (SB 54 – Sanctuary State), which goes into effect Jan. 1, isn’t expected to bring major change to the region in terms of law enforcement operations, it still leaves Sheriff Bill Gore — who is responsible for the county’s jails — with some lingering concerns about potential public safety consequences.
His top concern:  Jail deputies will no longer be able to notify immigration officials prior to the release of non-citizen inmates arrested for lower-level offenses — from simple drug possession to misdemeanor domestic violence to petty theft.  That puts potential chronic troublemakers back on the streets and causes immigration authorities to have to hunt them down in the community — at work, home or public places — rather than detain them in the safety of a jail setting, Gore said.
“Instead of taking them into custody in the facility, they will be out in the neighborhoods. … It tends to make us less safe,” Gore said in an interview Tuesday….
…. Gore said that even though those crimes might be considered minor offenses — such as offenses recently made misdemeanors under Proposition 47 — there is nothing to account for repeat offenders.
“That’s what bothers me, repeat offenses of drug use, theft, domestic violence, DUI.  That’s OK according to the state legislature….. 
Jeff Schwilk

SCF: Time to Replace McConnell

Yes, yes indeed.

This is what it takes to get rid of Mitch McConnell.

It's not enough to get rid of a few US Senators. It's not enough to write in letters and tweet at the US Senate Majority leader.

It takes time, money, resources, and organization to get rid of a bad majority leader and bring in someone different, someone better!

The Majority Leader has one main constituency: the rest of the US Senate. He answers to his colleagues, not directly to the American people or the states.

The Senate Conservatives Fund is on board to bring in pro-reform, populist conservative US Senators who will change the size, shape, and scope of the upper chamber to ensure that President Trump's and our agenda proceeds without obstacle.

This is how it has to be done!

Senate Conservatives Fund

Americans are furious with Senate Republicans. They spent years making promises and now they're unwilling to keep them. Even worse, Senators like Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Bob Corker (R-TN) try to blame the president for their failures.

This is why the grassroots are rising up and why we're seeing conservative candidates challenge Republican incumbents in primary elections all across the country.

Nobody is safe.

Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Dean Heller (R-NV), Roger Wicker (R-MS), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and John Barrasso (R-WY) all have declared or potential challengers. More are likely to come.

Senate Republicans need to immediately change course or the voters are going to defeat them, one by one.

The best thing they can do to show the voters that they're listening is replace Mitch McConnell as their leader. 

Please take a minute to send Senate Republicans a blast email message urging them to replace him.

Mitch McConnell is of the swamp, by the swamp, and for the swamp, and he must be replaced with a new leader who will fight for conservative reforms and work with the grassroots to elect more conservative senators next year.

Senate Republicans need to wake up and realize that McConnellhas led them into a box canyon. 

His war on conservatives has made him toxic and now he's a liability for all Republicans. He's why Luther Strange (R-AL) lost the primary in Alabama and now we're beginning to see Democrat candidates use McConnell as a weapon against their Republican opponents.

McConnell isn't going to change.

Despite being rebuked in Alabama, he is continuing to attack conservative candidates who would help the Senate enact a conservative agenda.

It's time to replace him and we need your help to send a message to Senate Republicans right now.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom. We're grateful for the opportunity to fight by your side for this great country.

Ken Cuccinelli II
Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Action

SCF: Trump Stops Obamacare Bailouts to Insurance Companies

Senate Conservatives Fund
President Donald Trump


Last week, President Donald Trump took a major step forward in rejecting the swamp in Washington, DC by ending President Obama's unlawful subsidies for health insurance companies.

These corporate bailouts were never authorized by Congress and were specifically designed to benefit the same insurance companies that lobbied for the passage of Obamacare.

It's no surprise that since Obamacare was passed the profits of the top ten insurance companies nearly doubled!!

As you may know, Senate Conservatives Action called for this change and organized a massive grassroots letter-writing campaign urging President Trump to end these bailouts.

You spoke out and he listened.

Please send President Trump a short note to thank him for having the courage to end these unlawful bailouts.

Now the Democrats are screaming "sabotage" in an effort to blame the president for the failures of Obamacare. It's nonsense. This is the law they passed and it has been failing for years.

Likewise, establishment Republicans are complaining that the president's decision will make them "own" the law's political consequences. But what they're really worried about is that Republican primary voters will hold them accountable for breaking their promise to repeal the law.

Again, please thank President Trump for taking this action.

The president did the right thing in stopping these bailouts and it's important for the grassroots to continue to fight for Obamacare repeal. We must also continue to argue against subsidies for health insurance companies so they aren't part of any future health care legislation.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to stand up to the swamp in Washington, DC.

Ken Cuccinelli II
Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Action

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Notice to Mountain State Workers: Right to Work is in Full Effect

National Right to Work Foundation offers free legal aid to West Virginia workers seeking to exercise right to end forced union payments
Morgantown, West Virginia (October 18, 2017) – Recently, West Virginia’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of the State’s Right to Work law which protects workers from being forced to join or fund a union they do not support. This law is now in full effect.
With the ruling, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorneys have issued a special legal notice for all West Virginia employees. Under the state’s Right to Work law, union membership and payment of union dues or fees are strictly voluntary. However, union officials frequently use underhanded or illegal tactics to block workers from cutting off union payments. The special notice is designed to help workers overcome such tactics.

The notice can be found here:
Mark Mix, President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation released the following statement regarding the notice and offer of free legal aid:
“Union officials across America continue to waste tax dollars and workers’ money by making outlandish legal claims in their attempts to hold onto their power to have a worker fired for refusing to pay money to the union. Right to Work laws have long been upheld by appellate courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, so it is not a surprise that the West Virginia Supreme Court rejected the arguments against the Mountain State’s Right to Work law.
“Still, it is important that all workers in West Virginia understand their rights and protections under West Virginia’s Right to Work law, as union officials frequently attempt to block workers from using the protections established by Right to Work laws. Any worker seeking to exercise their rights under West Virginia’s Right to Work law should know they can turn to the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation for free legal assistance. ”
Employees seeking more information about their rights under the law, or in need of assistance in exercising those rights, can call the Foundation’s legal hotline toll-free at 1-800-336-3600, e-mail, or contact the Foundation online at to request free legal assistance.
The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization providing free legal aid to employees whose human or civil rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses. The Foundation, which can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-336-3600, assists thousands of employees in more than 250 cases nationwide per year.