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CALL ICE NOW!!: Illegals Will Gather At Liberty Bell in Philadelphia February 20, 2018 12 NOON

The young illegals are walking to get home, or whatever.

They should be arrested, processed, and reported.phi

They are walking from New York City to Washington DC demanding some kind of DREAM Act, or something like that.

Someone needs to explain to them that politics is a numbers game. They have no numbers. They lose the game. It's that simple.

The people have spoken. We don't want illegals. We want the needs of Americans taken care of first, foremost, and final!

ICE, please pick up these illegal aliens at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today--February 20, 2018 at 12 noon.

Thank you,
Press Release Tuesday, February 20, 2018CONTACT:  Lucia Allain: 646-488-5919, Lucyallain@gmail.com
                   Fernanda Madrigal: 619-419-6016, SeedProject2018@gmail.com

Immigrant Youth Walking For A Clean Dream Act Arrive At Philadelphia Rallying In Front Of The Liberty BellUndocumented Youth and Allies Host A Reception and Vigil For 11 Walkers On their Philadelphia Stop of The 250-mile Walk to D.C.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - On Tuesday, February 20th the 11 undocumented youth and allies who began The Walk to Stay Home, a 15-day walk from New York City to Washington DC, arrive at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
WHEN: Tuesday February 20, 2018, 12:00pm NOON
WHO: 11 undocumented youth and allies, walking 250-miles from NYC to DC along with dozens of supporters
WHERE: Outside the Liberty Bell, N 6th St & Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
WHAT: Rally and vigil outside for a clean Dream Act, DACA recipients and all 11 million undocumented immigrants
The stop signals the halfway point of the 250-mile journey organized by the Seed Project with the support of the #OurDream Campaign; drawing attention to the need for a clean Dream Act that not only grants permanent protection for undocumented youth but does not harm 11 million undocumented people living and working in the United States.
“We have people with blisters, cramps, bleeding noses, and injured feet from the intensity of this walk, but that pain only pushes us forward” said Barbara Hernandez, a California DACA recipient from Orange County. “We are halfway to the capital and nothing will stop us, we love our families more than they know - and we need a clean Dream Act that doesn’t hurt this community.”
The Walk to Stay Home: a Journey of Hope nears its halfway point in Philadelphia. Community members and other undocumented youth plan to receive the walkers in front of the Liberty Bell with a rally-vigil. The walkers will stop to inspire other undocumented youth to continue the fight regardless of Congress inaction. Walkers will speak and share their stories of the walks progress and call on other undocumented youth to join the fight for a clean Dream Act and to continue to take risks, such as demonstrated in this walk. A vigil will also be held to honor those who have been walking all their lives to build a home only to be imprisoned by a deportation-machine designed to terrorize undocumented communities. The message to politicians is that undocumented youth will not accept it if it puts our communities in danger.
“This is not the first time that Congress has failed the immigrant community. We are tired of these false promises that linger in our minds as our bodies become physically tired from this walk” said Aldo Solano, who came to the United States with his parents building a home in Portland, Oregon.
In the early days of the walk Congress again began to vote on different types of deals that have been pitched on the floor. One of which was President Trump’s deal that included a border wall, larger ICE presence, and slashes to immigration programs. ALL deals that were voted on failed to pass through Congress. Politicians once again failed to understand the crisis this is turning into as more and more undocumented youth begin to lose their protection. The Walk To Stay Home has not lost its spirit and resilience despite no deal coming out of Congress. We plan to continue to show the countries overwhelming support for a clean Dream Act and uplift their stories along the way.
Studio interviews with the walkers and DACA recipients may be available upon request and onsite at the rally.
Read Walkers’ bios here: https://www.theseedproject.us/bios
Link to Walk Route here: A Walk to Stay Home - Walk Stops
Photos & Videos of the action will be uploaded to this folder as they become available: Walk to Stay Home Philadelphia Rally- Photos & Videos

Monday, February 19, 2018

CPAC: Cowardly Political Action Committee Bans MassResistance from 2018 Convention

For five years, I have worked with and have reported on MassResistance, an assertive pro-family group which doesn’t run away from speaking the truth about the LGBT Movement. I even served as its California Director, since the Golden State has the most members in the larger MassResistance community.

Here are some of the inconvenient yet compelling truths that MassResistance stands by and shares:
1.       Homosexuality is not an innate genetic trait. There is no evidence to justify the argument that people are born gay. Even openly gay Milo Yiannopoulos has admitted as much.

2.       Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Extensive research into biology and genetics has affirmed that there are only two sexes. It’s not about how you feel or what you see.

3.       Same-sex conduct is medically and psychologically destructive.

4.       The political agenda promoting LGBT behaviors is undermining our natural rights.

Most people don’t hear this side of debate, much like the negative verities associated with illegal immigration. However, the consequences of allowing the LGBT movement to infiltrate the public sphere is upending our natural rights and individual liberties of our nation’s citizenry today. Cross-dressing drag queens lead story-time in public libraries, high schools are learning about “LGBT historical figures”, and little children are learning that gender is a mere social construction—and their parents cannot object to these lessons.

Are you triggered yet? Apparently, The Conservative Political Action Committee was. After promising to allow MassResistance a table to present their mission and activism, CPAC’s Executive Director Dan Schneider rescinded their approval at the last minute. What’s going on? I called CPAC’s parent institution, the American Conservative Union, for answers on this troubling development. One of the spokesmen informed me that they would reach out to Dan Schneider, the Executive Director, and he would get my message.

No one got back to me, so I contacted them again, and asked directly why MassResistance’s approval was taken away. The person who answered the phone informed me that they had rescinded the invite for MassResistance because the movement “neglected to use the language of common decency.” What language exactly? He did not give me any examples. There is nothing which MassResistance has published or said which had violated rules of decency or propriety.

 Camenker’s report on the sudden cancellation indicated that Schneider disinvited MassResistance simply because this pro-family group favors an aggressive approach to confronting the public officials who are imposing this agenda in our public schools. They target our children, after all.
This criticism is really hypocritical. After all, as a presidential candidate Donald Trump volleyed some of the most controversial, vitriolic statements at his primary opponents, then at Hillary Clinton.

He got elected, didn’t he? This country’s political culture needs tough rhetoric and clear-cut action, although critics have slammed his speech as indecent or unkind in the past. Moreover, President Trump is going to be one of CPAC’s keynote speakers. If MassResistance gets rejected because of their lack of “common decency”, should President Trump not be allowed to speak at CPAC? Give me a break! Conservatives need to wake up. We are fighting a culture war, and Republicans should have been aware of this fight since Pat Buchanan’s unlikely yet influential primary challenge to George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992.

Now CPAC wants to shy away from the pro-family fight?

I contacted Brian Camenker, the President of MassResistance, and he told me that news of CPAC’s cowardly move is spreading all over the country and the world. Camenker then informed me that the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of LGBT Republicans, are allowed to have a table at CPAC. They are building momentum to normalize gay marriage and transgenderism in the Republican Party platform, and they have fought for homosexual and transgenderism in the United States military. He believes that Schneider rebuffed MassResistance because they didn’t want to offend the Log Cabin group as well as to promote a more “’libertarian” ambiance to attract younger people.

These gestures are not wise. Conservatism as a movement and ideological force must defend natural marriage and the family. Former US Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum authored the book It Takes a Family, stressing the role of Dads and Moms to transmit crucial values and principles on life, liberty, property, and the United States’ constitutional political culture. He has also reminded the public that the Republican Party was established not only to abolish slavery, but to end polygamy, a barbaric practice which devalues women and assaults the nuclear family.

So, Dan Schneider gave MassResistance a formal invite to have a table at CPAC, then they changed their minds. I asked to speak with Schneider, but my request was rebuffed since they are getting ready for the convention. Before hanging up, I let Josh know that when more people hear about this unjustified reversal, they might not have much of a convention to prepare for. I called a friend of mine, informing her to contact the American Conservative Union (or should I write “Conservative” in quotes at this point?) and demand that MassResistance have a table at the convention.

In another telling irony, a conservative association is silencing a pro-family group. Isn’t conservatism all about defending natural rights, including freedom of speech? And all of this is based on some vague standard of “common decency.”

I contacted Dr. Michael Brown, conservative Christian author and speaker, and he issued to me the following statement:

“It is absolutely outrageous that CPAC would ban the presence of MassResistance, one of the few organizations in the country actually doing something to resist the advance of aggressive LGBT activism, especially in our children's schools. This is even more outrageous when you realize that CPAC welcomes the presence and participation of a gay Republican organization like Log Cabin Republicans. CPAC needs to reverse itself immediately with an apology to MassResistance.”

I urge every reader to contact CPAC right now: (202) 347-9388. Tell them to keep their promise and let MassResistance have their table!

Omar Navarro Talks to KTLA`s Glen Walker



Way to go, Omar! He had a great showing on KTLA 5 News.

Glen Walker gave him free reign to speak his mind and advance his candidacy. He has raised a considerable amount of money, and he also has the support for friends and family going into this House Race against Maxine Waters.

Haters from all over Los Angeles County and throughout the United States are trying to drag Omar down, but no one can stop him!

He has even more love coming his way around the country, and he is making the difference.

Vote Omar for Congress!

Desperate Democrats, Milking Gun Control for Money

The Democratic Party is doubling down on identity politics.

They want to push divisive views on cultural issues, even though the vast majority of Americans want to know that they will succeed economically in a country where people came looking to live the American Dream. For decades, centuries even, men and women of all backgrounds came to the United States, starting out poor and ending up rich.

They didn't feel sorry for themselves, and they didn't expect the government to come through for them and provide them everything,

What happened? They learned to take advantage of free markets and enterprise, and use their liberty to succeed!

Since Democrats can't demagogue the tax reform successes, they are going after guns and pushing more control following the Parkland massacre. They resorted to bringing in Gabby Giffords, too, the House Rep who survived the horrific shooting that put her pout of commission for six months.

Her response is decidely different to Rep. Steve Scalise, who has repeatedly denounced gun control enthusiasts seeking to politicize what happened in Florida. It;s not about the guns, it's about the creepy, crazy people behind the guns, and furthermore it's about the corrupt, anti-liberty gun laws which are shackling law-abiding citizens and preventing them from protecting themselves.

This nonsense must be addressed with clear conviction, and most lawmakers around the country are relaxing strict gun laws.

But the Democrats will never learn, will they?

Gabby Giffords makes the case--that no one will listen to anymore--that we need to take the guns away!

Here's the Democrats' latest failed eblast fundraising effort:

Arthur --

I am going to work tirelessly in 2018 to ensure we elect a Congress that is willing to stand up to the gun lobby. Today I am counting on you to join me.

Sign my pledge: "I promise that I will Vote Courage in November and support candidates who will stand up to the gun lobby and take action to make our communities safer from gun violence."

If our current Congress won't act, American voters must. Thank you for standing with me in this fight.

Gabby Giffords

----- Forwarded message -----
From: Gabby Giffords
Date: Sun, Feb 18, 2018
Subject: Sign my pledge

Arthur --

I know politicians fear the gun lobby.

But I also know that fear cannot compare to what those innocent children in Florida felt as the gunshots rang out, bullets flew through the halls of their school, and their teachers and classmates were gunned down.

That fear is nothing compared to what parents must have felt waiting in the parking lot of the high school waiting for news about their children.

Our nation's schools should be the safest spaces in our communities. They should not be the place of horror. And while I wish that the scenes from earlier this week were unthinkable or unimaginable, they are not.

We have seen them before, and we will see them again... unless our elected leaders show the courage to act -- the courage to finally take on the gun lobby.

But that will only happen when politicians realize they have more to fear from all of us together than they do from the gun lobby. And that starts with making our voices heard:

Sign my pledge: "I promise that I will Vote Courage in November and support candidates who will stand up to the gun lobby and take action to make our communities safer from gun violence."

For a long time I bought into the fiction that after a horrific shooting, there is a required period of silence -- where we aren't supposed to act. I know people felt that way after I was shot, as well.

But the truth is, the only one who benefits from that waiting period is the gun lobby -- which is why their defenders offer little more than "thoughts and prayers" for the families and condemnations for anyone who demands that our communities deserve more.

In 2018, I am going to work tirelessly to ensure we elect a Congress that is willing to stand up to the gun lobby. And I know the Democratic National Committee will do the same.

Add your name. Pledge to Vote Courage in 2018:


Every day we fail to take action, we choose this fate. We tolerate politicians who fail to acknowledge this crisis and vote against our safety. We let our gun violence epidemic continue day after deadly day.

This cycle has to end. And it will end... with us.

All my best,

Gabby Giffords

Left-Wing Fail: Mass Shooting Not a "White Male" Problem

Normally, I get upset when reporters and writers resort to reposting tweets for their articles.

But some tweets are so witty, pithy, and downright accurate, that there is no better way to expand on their point than just to post them.

For the last five months, I have contended with liberals and die-hard gun control enthusiasts, who are convinced that mostly white males are the biggest threat to the United States because of the mass shootings and the domestic terrorism which erupted at the Oklahoma City ATF building in 1995.

The truth is, many mass shooters in the United States have been of diverse ethnic backgrounds, not just white males:
I am indebted to men and women like this social media user who bring some facts and research to the debate.

Lo and behold, it's not just "white males" whom we have to fear.

Media Fail: Democrats Have No Money for Pennsylvania Special Election

Another special Congressional election looms on the horizon, this time in Eastern Pennsylvania. The Keystone State was the key state which helped President Trump win in 2018.

Tim Murphy, the incumbent, had established a commensurate pro-life rating, but was caught cheating on his wife and then induced his mistress to abort the child that he had fathered. Such behavior is unacceptable.

He resigned last year, which was fitting, to say the least. It is worth noting, however, that no one had to pressure him at length to resign, while US Senator Al Franken stalled for months after vividly offensive photos revealed that he had groped a female newscaster, which followed with other women speaking out against him.

Now the PA-18 district is wide open, and Democrats are expanding their strategy to take back the House of Representatives by flipping this district from red to blue. Democrats have already racked up unsettling victories in state and local races all over the country. Their luck in Congressional races has stalled, however.

It very likely may stall again, especially since Democrats have stopped spending money in the race.

National Democrats aren't committing to pour additional resources into a closely watched Pennsylvania special election, even though the latest poll shows the party within striking distance.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has spent a little over $300,000 to boost Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania's 18th District. But since then, the House Democrats' campaign arm has remained on the sidelines while Republican groups continue their barrage of attack ads.

$300k is a drop in the bucket, especially compared to the unprecedented amounts of money raised by teh Republican National Committee. Republicans nationally and statewide are bringing in unprecedented amounts of cash, and they are not holding back from spending, desperate to send the message that they deserve another term of holding onto power in both chambers of Congress.

Who is running to replace Murphy, anyway?

Republican groups have spent close to $5 million in an effort to boost state Rep. Rick Saccone (R), who was outraised 2-to-1 by Lamb in the last few months of 2017, in the red district.

Rick Saccone vs. Connor Lamb

 DCCC chairman Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.) told reporters that the committee is keeping close tabs on the March 13 race, but argued that Lamb has enough resources to compete against ads from GOP super PACs and the House GOP's campaign arm.

No he doesn't. Republicans are savaging this Democrat hard. Furthermore, Lamb has alienated the left-wing base of the party by signalling his opposition to further gun control. Democrats need to show themselves as centrist enough to bring back working-class voters who abandoned them in 2016, enough that they lost key Rust Belt states which they had dominated for three decades.

"I think the strength of Conor Lamb's campaign has Republicans worried. Otherwise Republicans would not be spending millions and millions of dollars in a race that Donald Trump won by 19 points."

Republicans should be concerned. Rabid Democrats are outraged as ever, and want to do everything they can to slow down President Trump's momentum. The liberal media still has a hold on the mind and opinions of everyday Americans, but even then their propaganda power is not working anymore.

Republicans need to be vigilant as ever to ensure that every available, winnable House seat stays in Republican hands.

Top Democrats have been criticized in the past for a reluctance to spend money in other special elections. While the DCCC focused heavily on boosting Democrat Jon Ossoff in the nationally watched race in Georgia, candidates running in special elections in Kansas and Montana got less financial help.

Those two state special elections were so out of reach for the Democrats, and Montana especially. Pennsylvania is a more meaningful target for Democrats in large part because they need to win Rust Belt state voters to have a chance of getting the White House back in 2020 or 2024.

It's worth repeating, however, that the Democratic National Committee has no money. They are further in debt than they ever have been. They can't generate enthusiasm or command trust, especially since they repeatedly tipped their hand in favor of Hillary Clinton throughout the primary, who was one of the worst candidates they could have promoted. The runner-up in 2016 was a life-long Independent socialist who became a Democrat for the sake of depending on an infrastructure.

He still lost.

For Pennsylvania's 18th district, some strategists believe that Lamb can stand on his own without additional help from national Democrats. Distance from the national party could even prove beneficial, since Republicans are eager to tie him to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), despite Lamb's commitment to vote against a Pelosi leadership bid if elected.

House Minority Leader is a major liability, representing the most left-wing district in the country. She has access to big money, but her negative pall on Democratic candidates throughout the country is dragging down Congressional chances. In the Jon Ossoff-Karen Handel contest last year, the searing campaign ads repeatedly tied Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco left-wing insanity.

That was pretty much all it took, and $50 million from California Hollywood and Silicon Valley types couldn't change that perception.

"Help from the national party is a double-edged sword," said Mark Nevins, a Democratic strategist in Philadelphia. "It's helpful to have additional resources. But on the other hand, it comes with all of the baggage that national parties carry with them."

YES! Incidentally, Congressional Republicans have a positive marker now, specifically because of the winning results of tax reform, which every Democrat voted against.

Here is the one poll Republicans need to be concerned about, and it's more than the difference between the Republican and the Democratic candidate:

The poll also found that Democrats appear more enthusiastic about the special election, a significant statistic in a race where turnout will likely be critical. Nearly 50 percent of Democratic voters told pollsters they are following the race, while just 26 percent of Republicans felt the same way.

The enthusiasm gap is worrying GOP operatives. Republicans want to see movement on President Trump's agenda, and the US Senate--mostly Democrats, but also pro-Chamber of Commerce Republicans--are stalling these efforts.

Not good--and they still need to repeal Obamacare!

"Saccone has a slight edge, but it's nowhere near the double-digit advantage Republicans typically enjoy in this district. The potential for a Democratic surge like we have seen in other special elections helps Lamb stay in the hunt but it does not close the gap entirely," said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Let's keep in mind that individual Congressional candidates are not President Trump. His candidacy had coattails. His presidency does not. Republican candidates down-ballot need to accept this fact.

Final Reflection

This is a must-win for both sides, and that's why the money is rolling into the district. This district and this state will be a fundamental battleground going into 2020, as well. Democrats must either get working-class voters on their side again, or they better kiss their long-term prospects goodbye.

The point worth noting, however, is that Democrats don't have the money prowess they used to have. The Janus decision later this year out of the Supreme Court--if favorable to individual liberty and worker freedom--will further shut off the money supply which Democrats have relied on for the last twenty years.

For now, it's worth indicating that Democrats are more likely pulling out of the race because they do not have the money. Of course the DNC Propaganda Wing, aka the mainstream media, won't make any point about that, now, will they?!

Cristina Garcia: More #MeToo Allegations

Wow, it's gone from bad to worse for Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens).

LA Weekly wrote their own
secular hagiography for Garcia
Just two months ago, she was featured on the cover of LA Weekly, presenting herself as an icon of grassroots progressivism standing up to the Democratic misogynist establishment of Sacramento.

Now she's been exposed as another sexual paramour in the state capital, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. She made herself the face of the fight against #MeToo sexual harrassment and exploitation in the state legislature.

She was actually engaging it herself, it seems, too!

The hypocrisy is just stifling.
Garcia's own party sat on Melendez' whistle-blower
legislation--and Garcia harassed people herself!

The latest sex-harassment scandal in the state Legislature took an interesting turn the other day when four of state Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s former staffers alleged that she “spoke graphically” about having sex with other lawmakers in their offices.

WOW! And the staffers just put up with this? They didn't say or do anything about it?!

According to the ex-staffers, Garcia said having sex with other elected officials “was a good way of getting information,” their lawyer, Daniel Gilleon, wrote in a letter to the Assembly Rules Committee.

Ugh! When does this disgusting behavior end? It's Sodom and Gomorrah up there, and no one seems ot know when this litany of lust and licentiousness will end.

The former staffers declined to name the lawmakers “out of respect for their privacy,” Gilleon said. And the lawyer wouldn’t name the former staffers, saying they might want jobs again in the Legislature and figured going public would hurt their chances.

The former staffers also said Garcia pressured them into drinking in the office and at outside events, belittled her aides and often disparaged other lawmakers.

Garcia, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), was a leader in the state Capitol’s #MeToo movement until a former staffer and a lobbyist alleged that she had groped them. She is now on a leave of absence.

In a Facebook posting responding to Gilleon’s letter, Garcia wrote, “ I will address each of these issues individually after the investigations into these allegations are closed.”

This is getting creepier by the minute.

It should make for an interesting investigation — one that could make some lawmakers very nervous.


The sexual perversion rolling out Sacramento is roiling the whole political process in the state of California. This lawlessness has been going for decades, most likely, and yet very little has been done about it.

Until now. I credit this turn to President Trump's election and the scurrying efforts of the rat-like Democrats and Republican enablers who have been covering up for all of this disgusting behavior. The political class in both parties have simply gotten too powerful and thus all too comfortable with siuch profligacy.

Will these stormy allegations make for a big switch in the state legislature and California politics? Not sure what to think at this point. The state Republican Party leaders don't seem to want to lead, but would rather embrace the slow, hospice-like decline of GOP registration and influence. One report now indicates that GOP registration is about to sink below Independents and unaffiliated voters in this state. This is nothing short of a disaster for everyone. One party rule has created this climate of sexual misconduct.

A leader ...
but not the way intended ..
Does anyone think that a different set of Democrats in Sacramento will change any of this?

Look now, and one of the biggest champions of ending sexual abuse was herself an abuser! The people of the state of California need to take back their state, and not just through a political party vehicle. Both parties need a serious exorcism!

Jordan Peterson, Celebrity Intellectuals, and the Counsel of the Ungodly

Canadian professor and psychologist Jordan Peterson is the latest YouTube pop-culture conservative phenomenon. He deserves recognition. His erudite responses to complex issues are stirring and instructive. He has given hope to young men too long weighed down by an academic diktat toxic to masculinity.

I began listening to his unique insights on many issues, including how to solve problems, find meaning, and understand the complexities of life. I also heartily embrace his recognition that Communism is evil, that we should stop blaming everyone else for our failures, and that human nature is flawed. How badly Western societies need to return to these moral fundamentals. Much of the agony and hatred in this world would cease if human beings recognized that man is born dead in his trespasses, in need of a Savior, in need of a transformation from spirit to mind, which will end in the resurrection of our bodies.

He is also one of the foremost voices speaking against the activism culture sweeping universities. Without mincing words, Peterson rails against social justice warriors, scolding them to get a life and fix themselves rather than directing their hatred and self-loathing victimization at others. His interview with British journalist Cathy Newman was stunning. He took down all her worst examples of left-wing journalistic malpractice without breaking a sweat, and without cursing, swearing, or demeaning the journalist, although she would have deserved it. He is also a celebrated author: 12 Rules for Life: The Antidote for Chaos. God knows this world is chaotic as it’s lost the moral underpinnings of Judeo-Christian values in a sea of -isms.

And yet …

Peterson has been very dodgy on the issue of God. For a man who has disparaged post-modernism and its corrosive influence on our culture, he jumped around the question when asked. “What do you mean ‘God’?” he responded on one interview. What do you mean “what do you mean?”, Dr. Peterson? That was probably the most post-modern answer I had ever heard, despite his savage yet smart denunciations of post-modernism in the past. He could have articulated a conception of God and answered the question. Do you believe in a Creator? Or are you an atheist?  Actually, Peterson has denounced atheism. When it comes to the Jesus question, though, he hedges his bets, and has recently announced that he will come to a decision about Jesus Christ in three years.

Yes, he is also a celebrated author, all well and good. Chaos is instinctively abhorrent to human beings. Even those who just want to watch the world burn have a reason for it. But this cycle of celebrated intellectuals who  spout off ideas and aphorisms in the spotlight is not new. Like Dr. Phil, Marianne Williamson, and Suze Orman, Peterson gives us advice and outlines rules and precepts on how to live, and it all boils down to “Follows these rules, and you can rule over the problems that follow you.”

One problem: mankind has repeatedly tried and failed to fix himself and/or the world around him. If we could repair our flawed natures, Peterson wouldn’t be having extended discussions about the moral evils of this world. He wouldn’t have a job as a psychologist in the first place. The rugged individualism he seems to promote is actually pretty weak, come to think of it. I have noticed that some of his views are rather secular, in conflict with the Bible. We did not create ourselves. So where did we come from? Peterson dodges a question fundamental to our moral, cultural, and political legacies.

When I reflected on these concerns, that Peterson is offering another self-help movement, it amounts to nothing more than “the counsel of the ungodly”. Here’s the verse where I draw this label from:
“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” (Psalm 1:1)

I don’t think that Dr. Peterson is malevolent or evil, for “ungodly” means anything that is not of God. But let’s not fool ourselves. All men are sinners who have forfeited God’s glory. (Romans 3:23). To man’s unending consternation, he falls prey to his secret sins (cf. Psalm 19:12), and finds himself unable to remove his faults. This tension exposes an essential dilemma in Western thought. We want to rely on objective metrics, free of jingoism and bias, yet at the same time man is tainted with his own leanings plus the sin principle. We see evil in the world, and yet our efforts seem to create more evil, especially if men apply their limited solutions to everyone, regardless of others’ specific situation. Ultimately, man seeks his own good, whether at the expense of others or not. He establishes rules, yet even the rule-maker cannot make it by his own rules. Such is the riddle and ridicule of man’s fate on the earth when he looks to himself.

The first verses of the First Psalm asserts that our blessings do not flow from man and his company, but God’s Word. This counsel of the ungodly business is a recurring problem in the Body of Christ and the world. We go from one guru, intellectual, and lecturing busybody to another hoping for fixes. Yet sin can’t be fixed. There is no repairing a fallen world. Do we really think that we can rely on ourselves to fix ourselves, when it took a mighty, divine Creator to breathe life into us? Christians should not apologize for basing their world view, their moral compass on the unshakable Word of God.

Man needs redemption and regeneration, the grace of God flowing in our lives through God’s abundant gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17). The answers to life’s problems are not found in the mouths of men who live in the world but in Him who made and then redeemed us. Why not rest in the wisdom of Him who has been from the beginning? (1 Corinthians 1:30; 1 John 2:13).

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Letters to the Editor: Jordan Peterson Article in Townhall.com

Responses to: Jordan Peterson, Celebrity Intellectuals, and the Counsel of the Ungodly

Thanks for your article on the above. While I agree that one should not take Peterson ‘hook, line and sinker’, I think I’m less concerned with his present fence-sitting. I am confident that if Peterson remains dedicated to the truth, he will find the Truth, perhaps sooner than his stated three years. Many honest truth-seekers have done so, as long as they stay honest (eg Lee Strobel). It would seem that Luke’s gospel came about in that very fashion (Lk 1:3) and even encouraged other “lovers of God” to do the same (v 4). 

--Thomas H.


Hey Arthur, 

I am a new fan of your weekly columns on TownHall. I'm sad that Maxine Waters hasn't been in the national news lately because I thoroughly enjoyed your lampoons on her. Oh I'm sure she'll be back in the news for the sole purpose of impeaching our President. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I have been pleasantly surprised by your last few columns. It's a rare thing to find any columnist who understands biblical theology and quotes its passages accurately. It has been refreshing to read your biblical take on the ills of our secular and depraved society. 

I agree with you whole-heartedly. I have one suggestion for you that may help your readers understand the Bible better. Use a modern translation when quoting scripture. I know that the King James is a great translation but most modern people don't speak the King's English and are a little weirded out by the "thees" and "thous". I propose that you quote from one of these 3: NAS, NIV, NLT.

It might make it easier for your readers to stay interested and actually become more biblically literate than they already are. 

Thank you. 


President Trump is Talking About Three Immigration Pillars, Not Four

Wow, this is quite a surprise.

President Trump had mentioned four pillars to his immigration proposal.

He tried to get something passed through the United States Senate with the help of fellow conservative stalwart Chuck Grassley.

But nothing happened.

Now, his administration has identified three--not four--pillars to his immigration plan:


Guess which pillar is missing?!